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D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router Review

As I’ve described in previous posts, I previously had issues with intermittent DSL at my mountain cabin. Furthermore, my internet connection there is PPPoE, so I would get a new IP address every time the internet dropped and reconnected. That made it hard to access my webcams and other devices remotely, since the Dynamic DNS couldn’t keep up with the frequent IP address changes.

So I picked up the D-Link DIR-605L “cloud” router pretty inexpensively for $25. My only interest in getting this router was for its “cloud” functionality. Continue reading

Mountain Cabin DSL Saga: Part 3 (and hopefully last!)

Picking up the story where we last left off (again), I leased a new modem from my DSL provider, and after installation my service immediately returned to full speed. Problem solved! Until a snowstorm came to town, then my connection dropped to dial up speeds. The speeds never returned to normal even after we dried out from the storm.

So on a Sunday night, I packed my bags, and headed up to the cabin. I would stay up there until the problem was fixed. Good thing I work from home and have a Verizon Jetpack Mifi to connect to the Internet (for short term use, not a viable long term solution due to data caps!). Continue reading

Mountain Cabin DSL Saga, Part 2

So our story picks up after where we last left off in the DSL saga at the cabin. Residents in town were waiting for many months (a couple of years actually) for additional DSL capacity, since there are no other viable internet alternatives. Then last September, I was finally able to upgrade from 1.0 Mbps to 3.0 Mbps!

But when I last posted, I didn’t have any long term experience as to how the speed upgrade worked out. Since then, I noticed that my Speedstream 4100 modem would lose sync frequently. I thought that might have been due to EMF interference from the UPS being too close. Continue reading

Cabin DSL Speed Upgrade – Finally!

After months (years?) of paying for 1.0 Mbps DSL (and usually getting slower speeds), I was finally able to to upgrade to 3.0 Mbps!

One minor hiccup would be my connection type changing from DHCP to PPPoE. I remotely make the necessary changes to the router configuration (basically just the PPPoE username and password) in advance of the change, so that my service wouldn’t be interrupted. But then on 12:06AM of the day of the service change, I lost my internet connection. I figured it must have had to do with the changeover, maybe the modem needed to be power cycled, or something like that. So I had to make an unplanned visit to the cabin this weekend to get things working. Continue reading