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What To Do With My Old iPhone 3G?

I currently have a Verizon iPhone 4. I still have my iPhone 3G, it’s software unlocked, so I can put in a foreign SIM card for the occasional overseas trip. And I also still have my iPhone 2G, as it’s an emergency Wifi device living at the mountain cabin.

I’m looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5, mainly for the 4G LTE capability. I’m leaning towards the Verizon model, mainly because their service has fewer dead spots and less network overload in my area.

For me, the major downside of going with the Verizon iPhone 5 is that their 3G coverage is generally slower than AT&T’s. This is an issue at my mountain cabin, where there’s a moratorium on DSL connections and I have to rely on 3G service, and there are no immediate plans for 4G LTE upgrades. Continue reading

Finally Upgrading to iOS 5 – Tips!

So why did I hold out so long before upgrading to iOS 5? That’s because the jailbreak was just released today. The main reason for holding out for the jailbreak was that the inability (even in iOS 5, sadly!) to silence notifications at certain hours of the day (night). Silencing the notifications required installing the jailbreak app SBSchedule.

For me, the trickiest part was figuring out how to manage the whole iCloud functionality, when until now my wife and I had been sharing a single Apple ID. I didn’t want to have my phonebook mix with hers, or vice versa! But this article had a great discussion about the topic. The readers digest version: continue sharing the existing Apple ID for music and apps, but create new individual iCloud accounts for all the other features.

I won’t be using iCloud to synchronize my mail, contacts, and calendars, since I’m using Google Sync to do that. But finally, Google sync now supports sending from a different email address! This works great for those of us who are using Gmail interface but who would still like to continue to our own domain name for our email address.

Reasons for Not Switching to the Verizon iPhone 4 – and Why I Did Anyway

Yesterday, the day after the new Verizon iPhone 4 was released to the general public, I ported my number from my AT&T iPhone 3G over to the Verizon iPhone 4.

Many of us have heard reasons why to dump AT&T and jump over to Verizon. But I did get a few reasons (and, in all fairness, I did ask for them!) why I *shouldn’t* have upgraded to the new Verizon iPhone 4. They are as follows: Continue reading

iPhone 3G DIY Battery Replacement

My iPhone 3G battery was getting old and wouldn’t hold a charge as well as it used to. Since I’m an engineer, the obvious solution was to take it apart and replace the internal battery myself! While it was apart, replacing the dock assembly (which includes the loudspeaker, dock connector, and microphone) was also in order. Continue reading

iPhone 3G Upgrade to iOS 4.2.1 – with SIM Unlock!


Despite the availability of iOS 4, until today I had kept my iPhone 3G running on OS 3.1.3. The main reason I held off from upgrading the OS was in order to retain my third party software unlock (requiring jailbreaking the phone to install), which allowed me to remove my AT&T SIM card and put in a SIM card from another provider, as I did with my recent trip to Germany. Continue reading

Travel with iPhone to Europe

For my Germany trip, rather than pay expensive roaming rates using my mobile phone with its US-based AT&T SIM, I looked into using a pay as you go SIM from Germany. (Swapping out the SIM on an iPhone sold in the US requires that the phone be jailbroken to then be unlocked, a subject for another post.)

The best deal for US travelers is FONIC (see links below), which only costs 9 cents a minute to call a landline in the US, and incoming calls are free while you are in Germany. The default data charge is 24 cents per 100kb, but there is the option to book a “day flat” for €2.50 or a month for €9.95. Each of those plans has a certain allotment of high speed data (more for the day flat), and after that is exceeded you have unlimited data but at a lower speed. So definitely one of the two plans is the way to go, rather than the 24 cents per 100kb. Continue reading

iPhone Chess Apps

Just thought I would share some random musings on various chess apps I’ve used for the iPhone.  I have an iPhone 3G running OS 3.1.3 (the upgrade to iOS 4.x slowed down the phone too much), which somewhat limits me as some of the apps are only compatible with iOS 4.x. Continue reading

Chess with Friends on iPhone

I’ve started playing Chess with Friends on the iPhone. While the user interface is not the greatest in terms of finding opponents, etc., it works well if you already have chess friends with iPhones. I played a lot of tournaments over twenty years ago, but I “retired” due to other commitments. Now that online play is so much easier, I’m somewhat “back in the game”, so to speak. Revision3 did a review of the app here: Continue reading